Roof Washing

Roof Washing Involves More Than Just Jets of Water

Learn what we'll do to clean your roof in the Rensselaer, NY area

If roofing materials can blow off with a strong gust of wind, how do you think they'd fare against high-powered pressure washing equipment? To clean your roof thoroughly, you'll need to use gentle water pressure and cleaning agents.

Capital District Pressure Washing focuses on roof washing in the Rensselaer, NY area, so you can count on our team to remove dirt, grime, moss and algae without damaging your roof. Call 518-669-3560 now to make a roof washing appointment.

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Extend your roof's life with routine cleaning

Routine roof washing does more than just boost your property value - it can also protect your roof from...

  • Becoming a mold breeding ground
  • Staining due to algae growth
  • Leaking due to fungi growth

We can clean your roof every five or seven years to prolong the life of your shingles and roofing materials. Contact our Rensselaer, NY-based team today for service.